The Conspiracy of Goodness Network is the first platform for personal and professional growth centered around making the world a better place.

Greatness happens when people come together for goodness.

People everywhere are participating in a Conspiracy of Goodness™ to create a brighter future, and it’s time we find each other.

Join a vetted community of like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals who want to do good in the world.


Be a part of member-exclusive Happy[ness] Hours. These monthly networking events are a great opportunity to learn from thought leaders doing good in the world and connect ‘“in person” with your fellow co-conspirators.


Grow your network of collaborators on our member-exclusive networking platform. This isn’t a Facebook Group or forum. Take your connections from our live events to the next level with groups, discussions, and 1:1 chatting. Ask your questions, help others, and find collaborators in a vetted, professional space.

Keep Learning.

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Change the World.

You’re not alone anymore. Together, we can push our organizations, passion projects, and movements forward with the wealth of knowledge we each bring to the table.


The Conspiracy of Goodness Network is here for the doers, the learners, and the helpers. Together, we can create a brighter future for us all.